Facial Treatments

Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial $180/ 60min

Our signature facial calls on the collaboration of vegetal stem cells and custom peptides to rejuvenate, revive and protect the skin, leaving skin cells re-energized

“Night Out” Pro-Dew Facial $180/ 60min

This Circ Cell anti-aging and lifting facial helps to improve skin density, leaving the skin glowing, hydrated, refreshed and in optimal condition to maximize cell repair, getting anyone ready for a "Night Out"

Bio-Swiss Age-Defying Oxygen Facial $160/ 60min

Technology and oxygen are keys to this relaxing, brightening and refining facial that boosts immediate results

Gentlemen’s Facial $160/ 60min

Designed specifically for men’s skin, facial is deep cleansing and effective while restorative

Intense Hydrating Facial $90/ 30min

Refresh and rejuvenate with custom enzymes and peptides that will keep the skin looking alive and young. Just after one treatment skin will be left hydrated, renewed, and smoother

Microdermal Abrasion $150/ 30min ($100 if added to another treatment)

Viora's Pristine microdermal abrasion system performs a mechanical exfoliation that immediately leaves the skin smooth, soft and a refreshed


A completely customized cocktail of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and medications that is formulated and micro-needled into the skin using Circ Cell's patented device to help treat color variations and enhance appearance, fullness and overall skin healthy.


Enjoy a facial scrub that exfoliates and unclogs your pores, leaving your skin feeling moisturized

Medical Upgrades

Botox $325/ First Area, $275/ Additional Areas

Taking place after your treatment the use of the Botox protein to smooth out wrinkles that appear during facial expressions will be available

Dermal Fillers $625/ First Area, $575/ Additional Areas

Taking place after your treatment the use of hyluronic acid to smooth out wrinkles that appear without facial expressions will be available

Stem Cell Micro Needling $360/ Treatment, $3200/10 Treatment Program

Biological Raw Material (BRM) are sterile nutrient stem cell extracts from a closed colony of Ovine in Europe that are utilized in the regeneration and revitalization of deteriorating cellular structure through a micro needling process to rejuvenate skin cells, lighten facial pigment abnormalities, stimulate cellular and collagen growth, improve texture and increase the firmness of skin

* Most be organized 2 weeks in advance to ensure shipment and quality of product

Liquid Beauty $125/ 20min

Taking place before your treatment, an infusion of unique nutrients that support skin, hair and nails will be given to ensure each treatment has the ultimate revitalizing potential

* All medical upgrade prices are for additions to spa treatments and do not reflect the cost if purchased separately