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    The ultimate investment one can make is an investment in themselves. Club Essentia offers an exclusive membership program to those looking to make the ultimate commitment to a better quality of life now and for the years to come.

    Club Essentia’s House Membership is an annual program consisting of 100 exclusive positions for patients who genuinely are looking to transform their life.Upon a successful consultation and application review the initiation process will commence. Those who are not immediately successful with their application have the option to become Junior Members. Application does not guarantee acceptance as House Members must show the commitment and desire to improve their health.

  • House Membership

    Becoming a Miami Beach House Member provides each member the opportunity to discover who they are biologically and physically as they work to change their lives and the lives of those around them for the better on the road to an enhanced quality of life. The exclusivity of the membership allows for a more personalized approach to each member’s wellness program ensuring success and enthusiasm. A membership with Club Essentia is an investment in your future.

    The House Membership consists of:

    • An allotment of 52 customized Liquid Nutrition IV's and Injection Boosters
    • Base supplementation coverage every month
    • Medication/Supplementation per diem
    • Hyperbaric treatment program consisting of 50 Treatments
    • 25% off all spa services and 10% of all non included medical procedures
    • In depth initial diagnostic testing with quarterly follow up testing to monitor progress
    • Priority access to the medical team and Miami Beach referral program
    • Miami Beach Preferred Access Card to the top restaurants and entertainment venues
    • Invites to exclusive events for VIP’s and other members
  • Initiation

    Initiation Testing

    Upon acceptance, an in depth diagnostic panel of medical testing will ensue. This panel will provide the baseline and define each patient’s is biology and physiology. The results of the testing will be reviewed and a program formulated for the year.

    The comprehensive testing done at Club Essentia is among the most exclusive and most sought after testing panels in the world. Each laboratory used maintains the highest credentialing standards and quality of results.

    Initiation Testing

    - Complete Self Panel – A complete review of your bodies current condition including cancer and diabetic screening, hormonal levels, inflammation markers, immune and autoimmune systems, nutritional status, organ systems, hematology, metabolism, endocrine, cardiovascular

    - Genetics – Analysis of your cardio vascular, immune, detoxification and neurological genetic profiles that is used to guide lifestyle choices and identify potential unforeseen risks.

    - Food Sensitivities – Testing of 154 different food substances that may be unknowingly causing harmful reactions in your body.

    - Nutritional Evaluation – Complete analysis of your body’s nutritional state including vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, digestive health, metabolic cofactors and absorption quality.

    - Toxin Screening – Diagnosis of harmful environmental toxic build up including mercury, lead and arsenic that may be hampering your metabolic potential

    - Physiological Self – Screening panel that determines how physically old you are and how fast your skin, heart, brain and lungs are aging.

    - Biological Age – A test to define how fast your cells are aging and how old you biologically are.

    The processing of the laboratory results takes close to three weeks to complete during which time a wellness starter program will ensue.

  • Membership

    The Membership

    Follow Up Testing Every three months, House Members will complete follow up diagnostic testing to monitor their progress and determine alterations in their programs course.

    Base Supplementation Each months base supplementation will be provided to ensure every member is covered nutritionally.

    Medication/Supplementation Per Diem A $5,000 per diem will be used to cover the added costs of medications and additional supplements.

    Nutritional Liquid IV’s and Injection Boosters Patients have the chance to indulge in the numerous customized Liquid IV Boosters and injections throughout the year.

    Club Essentia Miami Beach Access Card and Concierge Service Utilizing local relationships, Club Essentia offers its House Members the ability to experience the fine dining, entertainment and nightlife in true VIP fashion.

    Exclusive Events House Members will receive invites to private invite only events where members and VIPs can mix and mingle.

    Discounted Services House Members will receive 25% off of all spa services and 10% off of radiant and lifestyle medical treatments.

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments An allotment of 50 Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions will be provided to all House Members during the membership period.

    Programs House Members have the ability to take advantage of all the wellness programs offered at Club Essentia during their membership which include: Sexual Health, Hormone Revitalization, Fat Loss, Fitness Enhancement and Stress Reduction.

    Cost - $50,000 annually

  • Centurion


    For the handful of patients looking to go above and beyond in the pursuit of a better quality of life

    Club Essentia offers The Centurion Membership which is limited to 5 patients.

    These 5 patients receive all the benefits of the House Membership but added benefits to make their year long investment that much more special and effective.


    Medication/Supplementation Per Diem A $15,000 per diem will be used to cover the added costs of medications and additional supplements.

    Access priority booking and the ability to have house calls done (location of house calls determines extent of inclusion) .

    Discounted Services House Members will receive 35% off of all spa services and 20% off of radiant and lifestyle medical treatments.

    Becoming a Centurion Member puts the most cutting edge advances in aesthetic and lifestyle medicine at your fingertips.

    Cost - $100,000 annually