• Diagnostic Medicine

    Diagnostic Medicine is a form of health care centered around uncovering deficiencies and excesses of health related biomarkers that can account for numerous illnesses and symptoms that affect overall quality of life. The ability to customize programs and treatments around each patient relies on the initial diagnosis of starting biomarker baselines. Biomarkers that can be tested include hormones, metabolism, nutrient levels, toxic loads, food sensitivities, cancer screens, pre-diabetes, stress and inflammation, sleep quality, biological and physiological age and genetics. The labs used at Club Essentia are among the most well-credentialed and sought after in the world and include an initial consult, follow-up and plan formation. By combining diagnostic testing with the numerous procedures and programs offered, patients can take their treatments one step further as they invest in themselves with Diagnostic Medicine.

  • Me2

    Hailed as the most comprehensive diagnostic test in the world this review of 250 different biomarkers covers cancer and pre-diabetes screening, hormones, metabolism, nutrition, oxidate stress, cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders, autoimmune dysfunction, hematology, organ status and immune system health.

    Cost: $5000

    Additions: Additions: 10% Off All Other Labs and Treatments Purchased at the Same Time


  • Sex Hormones & Energy

    S ex hormones and metabolism are the root of lifestyle medicine aiding in better sleep, vibrance, libido and overall essence. Diagnosing initial levels of these biomarkers is essential in improving one's quality of life.

    Costs: $850 (Hormones only $400)


  • Cancer/Cardio Screen

    E valuation of a unique panel of biomarkers commonly associated with certain types of cancer: colon, liver, lung (small cell lung cancer), breast, ovarian, testicular, prostate, pancreatic and others. In addition a comprehensive evaluation of your unique cholesterol/lipid profile will provide a intensive look at the risk for cardiovascular and stroke incidents.

    Costs: $750 (Cancer $500, Cardiovascular $300)


  • Complete Nutrition/Toxin Screen

    P rovides a framework of core nutrients in 5 key areas: Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Digestive Support, Essential Fatty Acids, and Minerals. The added ability to test for specific build up of environmental toxins, like mercury and arsenic, allow for a complete system review.

    Costs: $1500 (Toxins Only - $400, Nutrients Only - $1200)


  • Diabetes Screen

    Type 2 diabetes is a common condition associated with obesity and age. The ability to identify those patients on a clear path to diabetes can truly aid in its prevention using an effective intervention before issues start.

    Costs: $350


  • Genetic Testing

    These tests evaluate genetic variations, called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that will indicate risk factors for certain medical conditions and supply methods to avoid future complications. This is a once in a lifetime test and needs to only be done once.

    Detoxification Ability : $1000

    - Identifies risks of impaired detoxification capacity when exposed to environmental toxins and physiological stresses.


    Cardiac Risk : $900

    - Identifies potential to modulate blood pressure regulation, lipid balance, nutrient metabolism, inflammation and oxidative stress.


    Immune Function : $500

    - Identifies the bodies ability to control environmental pathogens and possible defects in its defense mechanism.


    Neurologic Potential: $775

    - Identifies neurological methylation, glutathione conjugation, oxidative protection and the potential for vascular oxidation.


    Estrogen Balance : $1230

    - Identifies risk potential in genes that modulate estrogen metabolism, coagulation, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.


    Osteogenic Health : $375

    - Identifies risk potential in genes that modulate bone formation/breakdown and calcium/Vitamin D3 metabolism.


  • Food Sensitivities

    Sensitivities are delayed intolerances to specific foods one consumes throughout the day that can lead to a variety of issues arising minutes to days after consumption. These can include rashes, lethargy, bloating, diarrhea, weight-gain, fatigue and hormone imbalances, to name a few. Identifying these foods and eliminating them from the diet can improve one's quality of life dramatically.

    Costs : $1000 (Add Environmental Sensitivity Testing for $750)


  • Environmental Sensitivities

    Sensitivities are delayed intolerances to specific environmental elements one encounters throughout the day that can lead to a variety of issues arising minutes to days after their introduction. These can include rashes, lethargy, bloating, diarrhea, weight gain, fatigue and hormone imbalances, to name a few. Identifying these elements and eliminating them can improve one's quality of life dramatically.

    Costs : $1000 (Add Food Sensitivity Testing for $750)


  • Biological Aging

    Telomere length is an excellent indicator of one's overall general health that, when compared to a population demographic, can help determine the biological age of the cells in a body. This marker demonstrates how the body has been able to handle various stress and helps provide a bench mark for monitoring treatment moving forward.

    Costs : $800 (In-depth Analysis $1300


  • Physiological Aging

    Physiologic Age Testing (PAT) measures different body systems including the heart, skin, brain and lungs to identify how well one is aging. Sixty years old chronologically doesn't mean that you are sixty years old physiologically. Tracking physiological age over time provides a clear profile of your individual aging process and can help determine which treatments are effective. With the PAT you can identify how fast you are aging and possible precursors to disease, recognize your weakest body system, and receive a comprehensive individualized medical program that will work to reverse the aging process.

    Costs : $750 (Follow Up Testing $500)

  • Sleep Profile

    This test analyzes 3 saliva samples of the secretion pattern of melatonin to diagnose imbalances that may lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder, infertility, sleep disorders, and compromised immune function.